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August 2018. Wilson, Bianca D.M.; Meyer, Ilan H. (June 2021). "Nonbinary LGBTQ Adults in the United States". Williams Institute. Retrieved 25 June 2021. Transgender identity that isn't female or male, similar to "genderqueer" or "nonbinary". The term X-gender came into use during the latter 1990s, popularized. Sex assignment or gender identity to the person. It may be used when describing intersex and transgender people, especially those who are nonbinary.. Biological sex or gender... Most theorists would not eliminate the reference to sex or gender, but instead advocate incorporating more complex nonbinary concepts. Land': Non-binary sex identification in Australian law and policy" (PDF). University of New South Wales Law Journal. 37: 847–873. Nonbinary & Intersex Recognition. Hormone therapy, also sometimes called cross-sex hormone therapy, is a form of hormone therapy in which sex hormones and other hormonal medications are. Essence or fact, whether natural, cultural, or linguistic". Research into nonbinary gender identities has found this: The overwhelming majority of non-binary. Deny Passport to Nonbinary Intersex Citizen". Retrieved 2018-11-19. Burns, Katelyn (25 February 2020). "Nonbinary people could get a. Having been assigned male at birth and receiving sex reassignment surgery. She now identifies as nonbinary and use the pronouns they/them or she/her. Bornstein. Rachel (21 June 2017). "New gender-neutral identifiers on IDs signal to nonbinary D.C. residents that they belong". The Washington Post. Retrieved 15 February.
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